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I’m tired of the same old thing. Being depressed and dreaming of a better me. I’m exhausted of living in a society that seeks to give advocacy to those such as myself listening to the hateful words spewed by others was like that poison was the IV that slow-dripped and infused aggravation into my blood. I strive to make myself better, never caring for people’s thoughts because their so called wisdom,can turn into self retribution a horrible aftermath which you think has no solution. You can’t let society’s so called picture perfect nation use their so called thoughts and have an impact on the new generation without any consideration of the ramification on the human population.

Nobody should be judged on their contradistinctive ways, because you were a divine individual from the start and god made it that way. You owe it to your heart to be daring and deafen you hearing to society’s so called “thoughts”. I’m going to change for the better , being the best that I could be , bringing all that I can bring, because as I once said before I’m tired of the same old thing.